African Library Project donates over 1,000 books to Mulika Foundation’s Library
April 14, 2018
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Reading Den Opens

The establishment of the Foundation’s mini library has been completed. The library will support over 2,000 students within and outside Usisya constituency. The library has over 2,000 books, 3,000 e-books and short stories, subject by subject educational videos accessible through computers, hand-held tablets & TVs to encourage reading, supplement their academic education and reduce the digital divide between our rural and other urban children and ensure a more fair academic competition between them. The Reading Den also has educational videos in creative writing, hydroponics, aquaculture, and agripreneurship and fish polyculture. We have dedicated desktops, accessed by our scholars and other students to learn computing skills which is not available in their respective schools.

The opening of the library marks a beginning of new experience for scholars and will revolutionize the way learning and education is delivered in the rural areas. We believe that these facilities will enhance scholars’ academic performance and their social, creative, innovative, entrepreneurship and leadership skills. We will be inspired by scholars’ ability to immerse themselves in the world of reading, knowledge and imagination!

We are grateful to our volunteers and partners such as Book Aid International, Malawi Library Services, African Library Projects and various individuals for supporting our Book Drive initiative. We welcome more volunteers, more financial support and more books and digital learning equipment. We are open to working with institutions, organizations and individuals within and outside the country to help us start similar initiatives in all parts of our country.

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