Founder's Biography

Timothy Kausipa Mkandawire

Founder & Executive Director

“My life is evidence that one can start from a very humble background, in a small and not very well equipped rural schools, and end up with a successful international career. If it was true of me, it could be true of any student in our programme, who we support to achieve their aspirations.” Mr. Kausipa Mkandawire.

Timothy Kausipa Mkandawire is the Founder and Executive Director of Mulika Foundation which provides scholarships, mentorship, prize competitions and library services to rural kids in Malawi. He is passionate about education, mentorship and helping girls and boys in the rural areas and from the disadvantaged families to improve their academic performance, social and leadership skills. Growing up in the rural areas and in a low income family himself, Kausipa understands the many challenges rural kids face. He is a living example that a child from a poor and disadvantaged family in a rural setting can defy the odds and excel. He is using this approach to inspire many kids that feel constrained by the many limitations they face.

After many years of considering what to give back to the community he decided to set up a Foundation focused on improving the quality of education in the community schools. Quality education is key for scholars to excel academically, gain the social and leadership skills, and eventually exit the vicious cycle of poverty. In a digitally competitive and global world it is expected that education should meet international standards and that students should be ready to compete and excel regardless of where they obtained their education. However the huge urban-rural educational divide negatively impacts student’s knowledge and understanding of the technical subjects in rural settings due to lack of adequate teachers and instructional materials.

Knowing the challenges and the gaps particularly in the access to amenities facing many rural schools, Kausipa’s vision is to work with others to inspire excellence, bridge the digital divide and generate excitement in both the learning and teaching experience.

Since the establishment of the Foundation in 2016, Mulika has put over 15 students from the four secondary schools on scholarship and established a library that will support over 2,000 kids and has over 2,500 books, 3,000 e-books and short stories, subject by subject educational videos accessible through computers, hand-held tablets & TVs. For the coming years and working with partners, volunteers and sponsors, Kausipa intends to increase the number of sponsored kids and reach out to many rural schools in the country with its key programs. He also hopes that the initiative will inspire many people, and they will opt to use Mulika Foundation as a platform to replicate and re-tailor these programs for their respective settings.

Kausipa is a strategist and professional financial Analyst with over 20 years of experience in international development. He has worked extensively in management, finance, audit and risk assessment. He has worked with many stakeholders including private sector, governments, donors, and civil society. His overall passion is to contribute to the renaissance of the African continent, and the prosperity of its people.

Without education, your children can never really meet the challenges they will face. So it's very important to give children education and explain that they should play a role for their country” - Nelson Mandela