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Our merit and need-based scholarship program provides educational support in form of tuition fees to academically gifted students that are eager to learn, are of high moral character and aspire to succeed but are in the rural and remote areas and have been admitted into poorly resourced and equipped schools and come from financially challenged families. We aim to give such children an opportunity to achieve success despite their difficult conditions and reduce the dropout rate of bright and needy students. To remain on the sponsorship, beneficiaries will be expected to maintain good academic performance, good discipline and conduct. We continuously work with scholars, parents and teachers in schools to identify beneficiaries on the basis of merit and need. The depth and rigor of the admission process allows us to ensure that the right students earn admission and acceptance to the program.

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program focuses on career development including through role model visits and talks, and work environment exposure through company visits and where possible, internships. Through this program we prepare scholars for a future beyond academic success by teaching decision making, and in helping them develop critical life skills. We believe mentorship has the ability to transform student’s lives, their families and ultimately the society they live in. Our mentors are drawn from a list of renowned retirees, thought leaders, eminent and guest speakers, professors, business men and women, doctors, lawyers etc. from within and outside the country. Mentors serve as role models. Our mentorship events and activities allow scholars to interact and learn from mentors and amongst themselves. We recognize the challenges many students face in securing internships, and in advancing their career aspirations or in setting up themselves as entrepreneurs. To deal with these challenges, we facilitate the process by bring in seasoned business professionals and entrepreneurs to participate in group mentorships and organized workshops in which scholars are drilled in business writing skills, presentation skills, public speaking skills and personal appearance.

Prize Competition Program

Our prize competition program seeks to stimulate scholars’ curiosity and help them recognize their unique skills, gifts and talents through regular competitions in a variety of areas. Through the program, we inspire and stimulate improved performance, encourage school retention of students, build student’s social life skills and propel them to succeed despite obstacles. It is a platform for scholars to showcase their talent and challenge themselves. We give scholars opportunities to engage in tailored competitive activities and receive extra help in their area of skill and talent. Our program is run by staff and volunteer experts as stipulated in the guidelines, principles and agreements. We focus broadly on literacy, numeracy and sciences, particularly, sciences, mathematics, selected sports, ICT, book reading, book-lending program, writers square/corner (essay & story writing), art (debate, quiz, drama, spelling & poetry contests). We welcome interested sponsors to fund any of the awards. The type of prizes and awards to be provided are prescribed in the competitive awards program guidelines. Sponsors can also convert their prizes and awards into scholarships to cover for Tuition fees for the winning scholar(s).

Academic Tutorial Support (ATS, aka TutorCorps)

Our TutorCorps program is a unique partnership through which an individual with more experience, (Tutor) shares their knowledge, skills, information, and perspective with a younger less experienced individual (Tutee), with the goal of fostering and improving their learning in the specific subject/course areas in which the tutor is qualified. We also promote peer and cross-age tutoring. Our program taps from vast resources of seniors, retired, new graduates or school leavers and peers embracing the concept of pairing seniors (grand tutors) with young scholars, ‘peer teaching’ or ‘child-teach-child’ (peer tutors) approaches. This provides an excellent learning experience for all scholars of all grades and all levels to develop positive attitude towards study, achieve academic success, and become independent and confident. This supplemental instructional learning is either done by individual or group using innovative delivery model. We provide extensive help in all areas of junior and senior school education using the authorized secondary school education syllabus and core aligned text books that contain lessons, practices, and tests to help scholars learn. We help scholars develop independent learning skills, giving them the confidence and courage to confront new challenges and set and achieve their own goals. This is aimed at opening doors for them to meet their career and educational objectives and take advantage of future opportunities.

The Mulika Inspire Awards (MIA)

MIA are excellence awards for teachers, students and schools in rural areas. In Mulika we recognize that obstacles faced by rural kids; such as lack of school facilities, and the shortage of qualified teachers, significantly impede the quality of education. However, despite these obstacles, great efforts and extra work by these teachers and the commitment of respective students have often produced superb results. Such success can be attributed to remarkable school leadership and skilled, talented and dedicated teachers. The MIA acknowledges the extraordinary efforts made by these unsung heroes who go beyond their call of duty, often in very difficult conditions to motivate and inspire their scholars to perform well and rise above their poverty stricken background. Their efforts are a life time service to our rural children. The Foundation’s aim is for every child to excel. MIA is designed to promote excellence in students by recognizing individual student performance, teacher’s performance and dedication, creativity and innovation in the schooling environment and approaches, thus encourage best practice in schools. The awards afford communities an opportunity to publicly recognize and say thank you to all outstanding schools, teachers, and students. The Inspire Awards recognize schools, teachers and students in specific areas and subjects.

School Institutional Support Initiative (SISI)

We recognise that with poorly resourced and equipped rural and remote schools and with the widening gap between the rural-urban divide, rural schools face serious challenges and rural students are finding it extremely difficult to compete with urban students. Yet this is where the bulk of the population resides, and where we have the highest levels of poverty. To help bridge this gap, we identify very specific development programs and initiatives that have direct positive impact to rural scholars. We also explore opportunities on how school facilities can be improved or made available. We foster a productive partnerships with individuals, philanthropist, organisations, government, students, teachers, parents and their communities to identify and support such development activities. The goal is to ensure improved student learning opportunities for higher academic achievement, and promote community confidence and pride in the school’s ability to meet the needs of all students. We hold regular talks with potential individuals and organisation sponsors and participate in fundraising campaigns.

Reading Den

In many rural and remote areas, poor quality of schooling, low levels of literacy and poor school achievement are common. By the time they are selected to secondary schools, many kids are struggling to read and write fluently. Inadequate educational instruction and reading resources, and lack of exposure to books means there is not much of a reading culture thus further inhibiting student’s potential. To address the need, our program has instituted a library (Reading Den) which we intend to use to inform and inspire creativity, spark ideas and imagination, generate a thirsty for knowledge and expose scholars to a broad range of human knowledge and experience.

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